Laser Therapy

A dental laser is essentially a high tech scalpel. In periodontics, we use the laser to treat gum disease, remove and reshape soft tissue, biopsy tissue, increase crown length and treat failing implants.  The Erbium/Chromium laser I use has many valuable capabilities not possible with other types of dental lasers.

Laser therapy is started after a local anesthetic (lidocaine) is provided.  We slide the laser tip below the gum line in an up and down motion parallel to the root of the tooth.  The laser energy then vaporizes the bacteria on the root surface and adjacent gum tissue.  Once the root is decontaminated, the adjoining gum tissue will reattach to the root eliminating the pocket. 

There is no pain during the procedure and, generally, it takes less time to recover compared to traditional methods.  Stitches are also not required. 

Dental laser therapy is a very valuable option that we provide for our patients in our continuing effort to offer the most up-to-date treatment choices.  

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